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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have the same people every time?

Yes - all SelectCleaning people own their own businesses and are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. Because the same owners come every clean you can both work together to ensure the service we provide is tailored to your needs. It is also important that you know who is going to be in your home.

Are the cleaners police checked?

Yes. You can ask to see the check at any time.

Have the cleaners completed the NDIS training?

Yes. All cleaners must complete the NDIS training before they can do this work.

Do you have processes in place to deal with the risk from Covid-19?

Yes. The following processes are followed:

  • If we are sick at all we will let you know and postpone the cleaning. Please do the same for us.
  • We will be washing our hands between cleans.
  • New gloves will be used in every house.
  • Face masks will be worn (provided we can still get them).
  • Clean cloths & mops will be used in every house & normal crosscontamination measures are in place.
  • We will try to keep at least 2 metres from you - we would appreciate if you can do this for us as well.
  • We would prefer you not to be at home when we clean but if youare we will put a plan in place so that you are not in the sameroom at any stage as we are.

How much do you charge for cleaning?

The normal regular NDIS cleaning is charged by the hour - we will discuss with you your funding and how many hours a normal regular clean will take. This means you know what your ongoing costs are going to be. If you need anything extra done we will give you a price for that when needed.

Do you use different chemicals to combat Covid-19?

The best advice we have to date is that the normal detergents we use in cleaning are just fine for getting rid of the virus on surfaces. We have a bleach solution as used in hospitals we can use if required. Feel free to let us know if you would like the cleaning products changed..

What is a normal clean?

We do the normal weekly or two weekly cleaning you would do in your home - dusting all horizontal surfaces, spot cleaning around doors & switches, vacuuming floors, mopping hard floors, completely cleaning all surfaces in the kitchen, fully cleaning bathrooms & toilets.

When do you do the cleaning?

Normally the cleaning is completed Monday to Friday during the day but we can fit in with what suits you.

Who pays for the cleaning?

SelectCleaning can charge your directly if you are self managed or through your plan manager. Just let us know what works best for you..